OSAC Silica G5®


  • Total Body Support
  • Maximum Bioavailability
  • Superior Formula

OSAC Silica G5® is an Olympian grade health supplement providing the essential macronutrient silica in a rapidly absorbed liquid form for all your body’s needs.

Using a propriety formula of orthosilicic acid developed by Prof. Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun of Glycan Industries, the superior formula of OSAC Silica G5® offers the highest level of bioavailable silica to boost your body’s natural processes.

Health Benefits

A supplement for the health and wellness of your whole body

Tissue Formation

Supports new tissue growth by boosting collagen

Builds Bones

Fights bone loss with better calcium absorption

Beauty Benefits

Boosts the processes for skin, hair, nails growth

Immune Support

Stimulates natural immune mechanisms

Mineral Absorption

Retains supplements and minerals more efficiently

OSAC Silica G5 ® is available in 3 forms for your benefit.

Your health and wellness needs can take many forms, and OSAC Silica G5® is prepared to deliver the healing power of silica in multiple ways to help you to safely and comfortably add the health benefits of orthosilicic acid to your regular health and wellness routines.

Dietary Supplement

The supplement allows for exact concentrations when combining with liquids and other supplements.

OSAC Silica G5® Liquid Silicon Dietary Supplement 16.9oz (500mL)

Topical gel for targeted relief

Deliver the restorative and soothing effects of OSAC Silica G5® direct to affected areas such as joints, muscles soreness, and irritated skin.

OSAC Silica G5® Topical Gel 4oz (120mL)

Concentrated Conveniece

All the potency without the bulk, the concentrate takes up less space as well as easy storage and travel.

OSAC Silica G5® Liquid Silicon Concentrate 2oz (60mL)

Repair. Relief. Results.


    No artificial color, flavoring, or scents. Non-GMO, Vegan, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly, Kosher, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Casein Free, Gluten Free, No Corn, No Wheat, No Yeast, No MSG, No Carrageenan.


    OSAC Silica G5® products manufactured in and FDA certified facility in the USA. We use a proprietary formula of liquid silica patented by Prof. Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun to bring a new, superior product line to the liquid silica supplements market.


    A safe, natural alternative you can use daily to bolster your body’s natural processes.

For the of our bodies.

The proprietary formula in OSAC Silica G5 delivers orthosilicic acid in its cleanest, readily absorbable form to meet your body’s needs. The increased collagen and elastin in the body stimulates healthy new growth of tissues like skin, muscles, and cartilage, and also boosts the repair of damaged tissue inside and out. Silica also supports cardiovascular health by bolstering the elastin in artery walls and the fine tissues of the heart.

Joint Health

Heart Health

Bone Health

Immune Support

Skin Repair

Organ Support

Also Available on Amazon

OSAC Silica G5® is also available for purchase on the trusted retailer Amazon.com!

A concentrate for easy storage and travel.

A topical gel to soothe and repair skin.

A liquid supplement for exact measurements.

About OSAC Silica G5 ®

OSAC Silica G5® is a line of health supplements delivering the forgotten macro-nutrient silica in a readily bioavailable formula.

Prof. Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun began cultivating this revolutionary supplement more than four decades ago when he found that the natural rates of silicon decreases in our body with age. Through years of testing and exploration, Prof. Dr. Assoun found that a regular supplementation of orthosilicic acid such as OSAC Silica G5® has health benefits which affect almost all the natural processes in the human body, boosting the silica levels closer to those in our youth.

Glycan Group (created by Professor Christian Daniel Assoun) has provided OSAC Silica G5® in Europe for many years. In 2005, Glycan Group brought their superior formula to the public markets, and now offer their OSAC Silica G5® products through their North American branch WHealth Industries based in Michigan, USA.

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