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The Original Silica G5 / OSAC Silica G5 ™
Silicon is a nutritional macro, not only very important for the good works of our Organization, but also an essential constituent of our vital organs (e.g. the thymus, the spleen, the liver, the pancreas, the heart, but also of the) cartilage and connective tissue with elastin, collagen for the skin and the proteoglycans of structure).

He found that the rate of Silicon decreases in our body at the age of 40 years and so a regular supplementation with OSAC Silica G5 ™ (like up to 85% by our body) turns out useful and recommended.  The OSAC Silica G5 ™ of Glycan is the original formula, which is the most balanced market (1250mg per 500mL).
Glycan Group (created by Professor Christian Daniel Assoun) provided for a long time most of the Europeans in Silicon organic G5 laboratories. Since 2005, Glycan Group decided to sell directly to the public this formula as well as other forms of OSAC Silica G5 ™, including many others.
Dosage normal use and maintenance:  1 Tablespoon of OSAC Silica G5 ™ contains 37 mg of Silicon element and completely covers our daily needs. This nutrient, to take on an empty stomach, a few minutes before meals; can be added to the drink of your choice.   Intensive use: (for example in the case of hair loss or injury) a cap of 30 ml of OSAC Silica G5 ™ 2 to 3 times a day.
Ingredients of 500mL Liquid: purified water, Orthosilicic Acid (1250mg / 500mL), Choline Chloride/Citrate. Important Note: EFSA is based on studies of bioavailability 2015-2016 and confirms that the Silicon in the form of Monomethysilanetriol is transformed into Orthosilicic acid in the body.

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