Prof. Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun

Presentation of Professor Doctor Christian Daniel Assoun

• Prof Assoun has a basic physicist background. He supported his PhD in the specialty “Atomic Spectroscopy”, at Paris VII University.

• His thesis work focused on the creation of physical plasmas in the laboratory that are comparable to the radiation emitted by certain stars in our universe, including the sun. Indeed, depending on electromagnetic radiation emitted by the stars, it is possible to know the composition of the crowns around the stars, mainly for the natural elements whose simple atoms such as Carbon, Silicon, Boron,lanthanides …

• Stars live processes of nuclear transformations (fission and fusion) including the Bethe Cycle. These reactions start with the Hydrogen atom (H) and end with Uranium (U) cooling down from several million degrees to much lower temperatures, as happened for our land, 5 billion years ago.

• Following his laboratory work, the INAG – National Institute of Astrophysics in Meudon, and after the publication of his doctorate, NASA – Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (USA), invites Prof Assoun to become Scientific Advisor of NASA in 1981 and 1982, as part of the implementation of Extraterrestrial

• In 1981, Prof Assoun wrote the report PERT-for NASA on the application of plasma techniques for the Mars and Moon and other planets programs in order to extract the resources of these planets and to allow the implementation of the Programs of Exobiology and consider a sustainable human installation on these planets.

• Prof Assoun is also keenly interested in the biological and radiative mechanisms in cellular material and is setting up an experimental theory which will be the basis of Quantum Medicine, which he shares with Dr. Lambin Dostromon (MD).

• Prof Assoun then writes several scientific and medical articles in Oncology, and prepares in 1991 a book on the Quantum Medicine (or Intronic Medicine) in Spanish language that will be deposited in Madrid in 1994. But taken by his research and medical and pharmaceutical companies as well as its Laboratoires d’Analyzes Médicales, his book will only be published in April 2009 and 2011.

• In fact, the goal of Quantum Medicine is to apply the radiative mechanisms that exist in physical plasmas to biological and therefore genetic systems. According to Prof Assoun, quantum medicine should be the source of new drugs completely devoid of side effects. Its laboratories carry out developments and research in this direction.

• Studies in Oncology and Viral Oncology will be the subject of three international publications by Prof Maurizio Grandi (Turin) based on the work and molecules developed by Prof Assoun.

• Due to his expertise in Biophysics, Professor Assoun became a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine Paris XIII in 1984, where he taught Quantum Medicine (Biophysics) in Acupuncture section for the Diploma of Naturotherapy (DUMENAT). delivered to the Doctors.

• In 1994 Prof Assoun was appointed Professor of Physics at the Faculty of Medicine of NIS (Former Yugoslavia). Subsequently, on several occasions, Prof Assoun will be appointed Professor Examinator thesis and PhD in Pharmacology (Spain) and Viral Oncology (Italy).
• Prof Assoun becomes a recognized specialist in the field of Quantum Medicine, but also in the field of trace elements (trace elements), since 1983. In addition, he specializes in viral oncology (application of Quantum Medicine). It will also file patents in electrochemistry for the manufacture of new drugs by  electro-synthesis (pharmacology) and plasma technologies for global clean-up (Terminatorr project) and non-polluting energy production (Motorr project).

• The WIPO / PCT International Patents of Prof Assoun 2006 can now be used to control and destroy the CO2-CO emissions of coal- power stations or petrochemical industries, which will be able to produce energy without polluting!

• As part of the fight against environmental pollution and global warming, Prof Assoun’s project, called Heliotorr, will rebuild the ozone layer (O3). This program could last between 15 to 20 years.

• In 1984, Prof Assoun invented and developed a Biomedical Analysis methodology called MAU (Urinary Atomic Metallogram), widely used by health professionals in Europe.

• Prof Assoun works since 1979 on Silicium and its various semi-organic forms, assimilated by the body and in particular on various molecular formulations of Organic Silicon.

• Since 2015 Glycan Group develops new functional nutrients with the Faculty of Medicine of Madrid for preventive medicine in degenerative diseases such as (AD) ALZHEIMER with a complete protection of the brains of mice that have received the products- 3 international publications- 1 doctorate State mention of Europe on Glycan Group molecule-

• Work is continuing to halt the progression of degenerative Alzheimer’s pathology, or even the recreation of destroyed neural networks and to envisage a remission of neuropathy.

• In the field of animal nutrition Prof Assoun has developed a formulation that eliminates the use of ANTIBIOTICS in animal nutrition and avoids ANTIBIORESISTANCE in humans that cause hundreds of thousands of victims per year internationally, the product is available in Europe (France contract) and in the USA and China.

• The product developed at MADRID will be the subject of a NASA clinical study on Astronauts engaged in long space missions.

• In 2016, Glycan Group created two non-profit research foundations in the USA Pasadena and two companies for the exploitation of patents in Spatial Industries and Functional Nutrients Alzheimer- among other targeted pathologies.

• Prof Assoun also became recognized specialist since 1984 of the study of Lanthanides (Rare Earth-Lanthanides) in biological material.
• Following his work in the field of public health, Prof Assoun received the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj in Romania and became a member of his Senate in 2004.

• Over the years, Prof Assoun creates a group of companies, mainly related to Nutrition, Quantum Medicine and Medical Analysis for the purpose of detecting heavy and toxic metals, but also dioxins, PCBs, pesticides in body fluids.

• Natural methods of detoxification for human biology, such as the use of ZnFLNT4, NanoZeolite Glycan, Sulfur-32 etc. were developed by Glycan Group’s laboratories.

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